About us:

About Us:

  1. Diverse, highly trained volunteers drive delivery of program

  2. Only organization in Lower Mainland & Fraser Valley that addresses gap in working with released sexual offender after their release from prison into the community & holding them accountable

  3. VFV CoSA has been successfully working to ensure the safe, functional reintegration of released individuals in the Fraser Valley since 2002 and in the Lower Mainland since 2010

  4. VFV CoSA originated from the work of Catholic Charities & is independently operated by Catholic Justice Services Society

  5. Due to VFV CoSA’s strong relationship with Criminal Justice System – Federal & Provincial Corrections, Parole Boards, & Police we are aware of offender’s criminogenic risk factors to help hold them accountable

  6. Volunteers are trained & participate in advanced training twice a year to assist them in developing critical skills to effectively work with offender

  7. Circles of Support are 3 to 4 volunteers who work intensively every week with offender for a minimum of one year

  8. Staff members have over 30 years’ experience working with sexual offenders

  9. COSA was established in 1994 in Hamilton, Ontario by a Mennonite Pastor who recruited 4 volunteers from his parish to work with a newly released sex offender. That sex offender died 14 years later without reoffending

  10. Since its inception, COSA has expanded across Canada and is now offered in countries across the world, including Australia, New Zealand, England, Wales, Holland, and some States in the USA amongst others

  11. The COSA program has been subjected to rigorous peer reviewed academic studies since it started. Critical Canadian findings include an 83% decrease in sexual reoffending vs an offender not participating in the program. Further results include a 73% reduction in other types of sexual recidivism and a 71% reduction in all types of criminal reoffending

  12. 2/3 of offenders participating in COSA stated they would have returned to crime without the support & accountability provided by the program

  13. 90% attributed their successful re-entry into the community to their participation in COSA

COSA Vancouver/Fraser Valley (Circle of Support and Accountability) is a non-profit organization supporting the prevention of sexual crimes.  Please click here for how to donate.

Contact email:  vfvcosa@gmail.com

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